Don’t get too comfortable…


Working in higher education, I’ve always had access to tuition waivers as a part of my benefits. This fall I decided that it was about time I take advantage of all the great knowledge that surrounds me and take some classes. I’ve been a hobby photographer since my dad taught me when I was a kid. I’ve also been blogging since January. (Here’s my real blog.) So… I signed myself up for a Mass Communications “blogging” class (as the department chair described it) and a photography class. I love learning! I’ve always been a good student and a quick study… but man, I’m figuring out that this college thing is hard (especially when balancing work and family life).

I came across this Brian Tracy quote and it made me laugh. My husband is also taking a MBA class this fall and after each of us had our first day of class, “awkward” was definitely a word that rose for both of us. You get so comfortable in your professional role. You feel like an expert. You know what you’re doing. People look to you for information. It’s “awkward” to put yourself in the position of receiving knowledge. Being older. Being new to technology. (When I went to college not all that long ago, people still used notebooks. 😉 )

One of my very favorite professors, the great, great Dr. Conteh mentioned just in conversation, “When you get comfortable, you stop growing.” #truth as the tweeters say. It’s time to feel a little awkward.


One response to “Don’t get too comfortable…

  1. I am always amazed and inspired by people who decide to continue their education, while balancing work and family and everything else life throws at them. I can hardly balance school, work and my cat. 🙂 I hope your semester turns out great!

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