Chicken Wire Re-Purposed Frame


One of my love languages is definitely “words of affirmation”. I love writing little cards and notes to show my appreciation to people and nothing touches my heart more than when others do the same… but let’s get real, what does one DO with all of those sweet little notes and cards? They fill my drawers, clutter my bulletin boards, and float at the bottom of my tote bag. I decided that I needed a pretty way to display my memories that would eliminate all the clutter.

I ran across one of those cute chicken wire frames at a hipster “junk” market filled with upscaled, re-do goodies. Eureka! What a simple idea and a fun way to display cards and memories.

How to make it? It couldn’t be simpler.

Supplies needed:

  • A large frame (mine is 22×28″, bought on super clearance at Hobby Lobby)
  • Chicken wire (purchased for $5 at a hardware store)
  • A staple gun and staples
  • Wire snippers
  • Ribbon or scrap fabric and a hot glue gun with glue (optional, I’ll explain)


  • Place the frame face down in a steady surface (e.g. a table or counter). Unroll enough chicken wire to cover the back and flatten it out as best you can with your hands.
  • Using wire snippers, cut the chicken wire to about the size you need to cover the back of the frame. Don’t worry too much about being exact. You can always trim excess later.
  • Starting on one side, staple the wire to the back of the frame, making sure that the staples go across the wire to make it secure.
  • Move to an adjacent side and repeat. Work your way around the frame. Pull and flatten the wire as you go but be sure you push the wire just a bit into the center of the frame so that you have some flexibility when you clothes pin items on the front.
  • If you will be displaying your frame on a painted wall (or any other surface you wouldn’t want to risk scratching), hot glue ribbon or scrap fabric around the edge of the chicken wire to cover up any rough edges.
  • Hang it and use clothespins or cute paperclips to hang your items on the frame.

That’s it! Simple, hip and a way to reduce clutter. I’ll take it.

…now wait a minute, you may be thinking, “You can’t really fit that much stuff on that frame. What do you do with the rest of that clutter?” I also have what I call a “Smile File” hidden in a drawer. My smile file is nothing more than a manilla envelope stuffed full of notes and cards. From time to time, I just change out what’s on my chicken wire frame with new notes or old memories to keep it fresh.


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