Everything in its place…

I’ve been feeling stressed lately and when I feel stressed, it’s time to clean! De-cluttered closets and drawers, clean floors, and freshly laundered beds and rugs make me a happy gal.

It’s tough to declutter with toddlers in the house. Kids come with stuff. Lots of it. And just when you think you have a handle on it, they grow into another size or have some occasion to receive gifts (and if you have the loving family I do, every visit is an occasion for gifts!) So, it was time to go through the “stuff” this weekend and find a new home for everything (new home for some things meant a thrift store donation).




I found these awesome labels at an office supply store so once I designated a location for all of the goodies, I could keep myself in check. As they say “Everything has its place and everything in its place.”



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