Shoe, Coat and Bag Central!


Being the mom of two toddlers, coming and going from the house is always a bit of a tornado. Shoes! Coats! Hats! Mittens! Diaper bag! Snacks! Water! Keys! My life is a running checklist.

I needed a place to organize and unload each time we came and went from the house. My husband would tell you that my favorite word is “storage”. I’m obsessed with having a place for everything so this seemed like a doable challenge.

I purchased an inexpensive “cube” storage shelf and a couple of cube bins to go with it at a department store. I cut a little boot mat to stick beneath it for drying wet shoes. I used one of the cubes for winter hats and mittens (and in the summer, sunglasses, sun hats and sunscreen) and the other cube for “overflow” shoes that don’t get used quite as often as everyday sneakers, sandals and boots.

I use the bottom four cubbies for everyday shoes for each girly, a spot for the diaper bag and my tote bag for work. Above the unit, I keep a supply of boogie wipe for on the go and the rest for a little dumping ground for whatever else needs to be carted with me.

On the side, I just stuck a couple of easy-remove hooks to store their little coats so that they’re right next to their shoes.

The unit sits tucked behind the door to the kitchen just steps from the side door where we enter.

It’s made getting out the door every morning so much easier! Give it a try!



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