Using InLinkz to Create a Linked Gallery


I ran across a few blogs that had these beautiful thumbnail picture galleries that linked to the content behind the pictures. It was almost like pinterest but just pictures and links only to your own stuff. I looked carefully on the page and found that the tool the bloggers were using was InLinkz, a great blogging tool for creating link-ups, blog hops and product lists.

I decided to use it to code the pages of my blog so that I would have an easy click place for my readers to find a full list of my DIY projects and recipes. To know what I’m talking about check them out!

The tool take a bit of work to set up but once you do, it’s easy to maintain and becomes a nice place to store links to your work. I can’t wait to use the tool for a linking party!

To start, watch this video:

The video demonstrates the tool using Google Blogger, but using it in WordPress is just as easy. (Okay, so it took going through the video a few times and pausing as I completed each step. Trust me, once you get the hang of it, it’s an easy tool.)

After you’ve signed up for an account (duh), use the video to create a “new collection” of links. Once the collection is created, it will show up on your dashboard.

in new collection


When you add your new collection, you will have the opportunity to customize it by selecting the size of your thumbnails, how many columns, and whether to show the name of the link. Based on my blog’s layout, I chose 100px thumbnails and four columns. You can experiment to find the right fit for you.

in dashboard

When you’re ready to add your gallery, below the title of the dashboard, hover over the “get script” link and click. Highlight the ENTIRE code in the widget code box that appears.

get script

Right click and copy the code you’ve highlighted.

Open a new page or post in WordPress. Just above the content box, click on “text” in the top right corner. Copy the InLinkz coding into the content box.

In click text

Save the draft and click preview to make sure it works. It might take a second to load all of the images so be patient.


There you go! A beautiful gallery of thumbnail images ready for your readers to click through.


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