Kid Cupcakes (part 2): Monkey Cupcakes

monkey cupcakes for gigi's birthday

monkey cupcakes for gigi’s birthday

My GiGi turned one!
So playing the good mom I wanted to bring some cupcakes to daycare to celebrate the occasion but as usual I was short on time so I googled cute kid cupcake ideas and came across this wonderfully simple idea from bigflavors.
Supplies needed:
  • a box of Nilla wafers
  • a box of mini Nilla wafers
  • chocolate chips
  • red and black gel icing
  • chocolate frosting
  • a cake mix and supplies

Bake, cool and frost the cupcakes with chocolate frosting. I wish I had a wonderful cake recipe for you here but to this day I still haven’t found a homemade cake recipe that I like so I still use box cakes. (Please comment if you have one you love!)

Place a large Nilla wafer along the bottom edge for the mouth and nose. Cut a mini Nilla wafer in half and stick into the frosting along the top of the cupcake for ears. Place two chocolate chips just above the large wafer for eyes. Use the red gel icing to draw a mouth and black to draw two dots for a nose and pupils for the chocolate chip eyes. That’s it!
They were a huge hit at daycare! I was told I was the “cool mom” of the day–an award I’ll take any day.


The day of GiGi’s party, I ran a little short on chocolate frosting so I decided white frosting “bears” would be just as cute as monkeys. Amazing what a little color change can do.


To go with the monkey cupcakes, I took the same idea for GiGi’s smash cake. I stacked two 6″ round cakes and smothered them with chocolate frosting. I bake a single sugar cookie for the face and used big Nilla wafers for the eyes and ears.


Well, I think the cupcakes were a success!


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